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Protect Your Valuables With Conceal Wear Travel Pouches

The Patented Travel Pouch

The Conceal Wear Travel Money Pouch is the only Patented Travel Pouch on the market today. The Patented fastener allows the pouch to be attached to a variety of locations. Thieves can't possibly know where it is hidden.

Easier to hide your Valuables

The Patented fastener allows the Travel Money Pouch to be attached to almost any item of clothing. It can be attached to the tail of your shirt or blouse, directly to an item of underwear, your socks, pocket material. The options are endless! 

No Belts or Lanyards - Can't Be Detected By TSA Equipment

The Conceal Wear Money Travel Pouches do not require a waist belt or a neck lanyard. The Patented fastener makes the Conceal Wear Travel Money Pouch more comfortable, cooler to wear and more secure. No telltale belt or lanyard. secure travel

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